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Marine design software

Shape Maker

Shape Maker is a most practical ship hull surface design and modeling software. Based on free form lines and surfaces, it can make models for any type of ship surfaces like hull, superstructure, wheelhouse, masts, thrusters, anchor pockets, appendix and others. Shape Maker can be used from initial design throughout production. Ones created model, transforms during design and production process with  keeping hull revision history. Especially designed, unique topological model helps to transform and change hull shapes from one project to another smoothly and without gaps between surfaces. Wide range of modeling and surface quality checking tools allow user to modeling required hull shape as best quality as he need. Shape Maker perfectly linked with any 2D and 3D software. 

Shape Maker has unique tools that help's user to make surface he want to make,  but not what software dictate.

Another great opportunity with Shape Maker - same model from initial design to production. User just change model during design process. All revisions history can be saved in same database file.

Shape Maker has best tools for surface quality checking. It give a user full overview and control of hull shape.


Key functions.

- Flexible tools for building free form lines and surfaces

- Support of surface changes according to changed it contour

- Dynamic sections and all related to surface lines during surface modification 

- Various methods of transformations of blocks and whole hull

- Hierarchical structure of the objects

- Surfaces – surface intersection and surface curves

- Trimmed surfaces support

- Surfaces shape control tools

- Lines and surface fairing and adjustment tools

- Hydrostatic calculations data

- Output drawings files in DXF, offset table

- Import/export DXF, IGES

- Import and visualization of the CFD results and scanned points clouds

- Inflection lines, equal angle lines and curvature visualization

Full compatibility

Resulted hull shape surface can be exported into any of existing CAD systems by IGES of DXF files.

IGES or DXF files can be imported ad prototype into Shape Maker.

Rich documents output.

Shape Maker can create a lot of different output files from IGES to many variations of DXF files, offset tables and special export files for hydrostatics calculations.

Extra bonus is a complete package for shell plates folding and production.

Training and support

For our customers we provide excellent training and support. Any technical problems or questions will be answered as fast as we can.

If necessary teleconference can be provided.

How it works


Boundary representation model consist of points, boundary lines and surfaces.

Each boundary line connected to end points.

Each surface connected to boundary lines.

All together: lines, points and surface forms shape where all elements are linked.

After modification of the element all connected elements will follow the modification.

Shape of the lines and surfaces can be changed by modification of their respective control points.

Various fairing and transformation functions for lines and surfaces helps user quickly achieve required hull shape. 

Such technology helps us to modify surface quickly, with required shape and keep track of all changes in database.


Start from scratch.


Import DXF drawings into Shape Maker as prototype of new hull surface.

Use DXF side and plans for creating preliminary hull lines.

Begin with minimum number of control points.

Increase control points number  for more detail surface representation.


Start from prototype.

Import and use IGES file with prototype surface

3D presentation of the prototype surface is a great help for surface modeling.

Auto adjustment function can used.

Any number of sections for shape control can be generated on IGES template surface.

Any type of IGES files can be imported.

From idea to production.

Support design life-circle.

Build hull model in very beginning of design.

Use actual hull lines for making drawings.

Follow design ideas with modification of the model and updating hull lines.

Final lines fairing based on the same model.

Exact shape used for hull production.

Keep hull shape mode for the future design.


More information about software you can find here:


Free download 
Shape Maker Windows copy. 

Current software build supported by Windows 7 - Windows 11.

Click here to download. 


Software compatibility.

Definitely results from Shape Maker need to be linked to other marine software.

Results from Shape Maker can be presented as DXF files with various hull lines drawings. Several files provide interface to hydrostatics data exchanges. Offset table can be created. IGES file provide data exchange with most known software. Hull shape model form Shape Maker lite and, simple.

At same time Shape Maker able to import DXF files, it supports several files format for CFD calculations results import. IGES files with hull shapes can be also imported and used as a prototype. 

Current software build supported by Windows 7 - Windows 11.  

What users usually use together with Shape Maker.

Software list successfully used with Shape Maker.


We've Come a Long Way

Long history of software improvement and development.

Sculptural surfaces are a mathematical tool used to modeling surfaces of objects that cannot be presented as a combination of cylinder surfaces, cones, and spheres. Such objects include blades of turbines, wings and hull of airplanes, hull surface of cars and ships. In contrast to the traditional drawing of surface sections and solving the tasks of descriptive geometry manually on the floor, the use of sculptural surfaces greatly facilitates and automates the designer's work. At the same time modelling of sculptural surfaces demands completely other approaches and methods at designing of surfaces of complex form. With all the variety of mathematical methods of surfaces modeling for almost any of them it is possible to define general rules and approaches.

More than 30 years  Shape Maker  used for hull lines fairing. Hundreds of different ship hulls was faired during thees years. At same time it helps to continuously improve Shape Maker software functionality.


What People are Saying

Software users about Shape Maker.

"Shape Maker provides nice surfaces we need in our Cadmatic Hull model.

The software is fast and an easy tool for us to use, and have the necessary functionality.

“When I’m  looking backwards last 20 our ships surfaces was made by Shape Maker and we never had any problem with plates expansions in shipyard. From this time we never was searching for other surface software.”

"Shape Maker is a very user-friendly software that provides us with the capability of generating smooth hull lines of high quality within a short time. Shape Maker also gives very high quality of the exported surfaces, which can be imported seamless into other software such as NAPA."

"Features for comparing surface versions and presenting solutions graphically, supports the design process in an excellent way.

We believe Shapemaker is one of our success factors to stay in front in designing green solutions for the Maritime Industry.

BJarte Leth

Salt Ship Design

Krzysztof Lisiecki

Choren Design & Consulting

Per Martin Martinussen

LMG Marin AS

Bjørn Nøstbakken

Salt Ship Design


Software subscriptions


Three months subscription



Six months subscription



One year subscription



Two years subscription


All subscriptions provide temporary standalone software license on local computer.

If you need perpetual license, server license or student license please contact us.    


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